Some news items. My publicist has been working especially hard, so I have some fun things to share. Some clippings for the old scrapbook.

  • Morgan Spurlock started a new company called Warpaint for making TV commercials. It’s somewhat innovative in how it handles its directors, and I’m one of those directors. It’s a separate thing from Sandwich Video, which remains intact. I hope to make an animated booger or anti-depressant commercial at the very least.
  • Today, the new LA Weekly comes out. It’s the People 2012 issue and I’m one of the people. I guess I’d mentioned my deep and abiding love for “Kentucky Fried Movie” and why wouldn’t I, as all facets of my work can be traced to it. I’m working on something superfun right now that’s basically a shot-for-shot reproduction of A Fistful of Yen, but with karate.
  • Shopping for cereal last week, I happened to remember that one called Blueberry Morning had been my favorite, but was absent from store shelves for months. A quick search turned up that it had been discontinued by Post, reason not cited. But I guess you can order discontinued/expired cereal from the Internet, which I did. Here’s what I can say about doing that: don’t order discontinued/expired cereal from the Internet.